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Readers’ Comments

We welcome our readers to contribute and post their articles and comments regarding issues and events that concern Iloilo.

19 Responses to “Readers’ Comments”

  1. This afternoon, my wife (formerly Zaida Dativa Vargas) and son, Thomas, will depart via PAL for Iloilo City. We’ll be there to renew our vows after 45 years of marriage … and to visit with family. We’ll be staying with brother-in-law and sister, Danny and Bebot Grachico.

    We are excited about the chance to visit. In that I am involved with law enforcement in Ventura County, California, I hope to be able to acquaint myself with local police activities. My wife and I both completed 20 weeks of academy and patrol as voluntters. One of my volunteer activities is as president of Ventura County Crime Stoppers. Check out our new web site … my first effort at putting one together. Most of the pictures are from my home town police department, though we serve the county which has close to one million people. Tied to Crime Stoppers USA and Crime Stoppers International, we are a secret witness program. In our county alone, we’ve put away over 70 felons in the past 12 months alone. Additionally, we’ve taken kids out of school who had weapons and/or drugs.

  2. ikinalulungkot ko,, ang nangyari sa napnapan… imagine now lang talaga yan nangyari sa kanila… condolence sa family na namatayan… ganyan talaga ang buhay nd natin inaasahan ang mga pangyayari… life is short… god bless u always.. im so sad to here that news…

  3. As a resident of Iloilo, I was saddened by the devastation brought about by Typhoon Frank to the province. It is heart-wrenching to read the news in the internet about the said disaster thinking that people you know and love might be one of those severely affected. What is more distressing is the lack of culture of disaster preparedness of the people as reflected by the lack of equipments and tools of several rescue groups and the lack of disaster-preparedness program LGUs. The public’s lack of preparedness can maybe traced in large part to our lack of basic understanding of our natural environment and the potential hazards that may be present in our area.
    The Philippines, by virtue of its geography and geology is prone to several natural hazards. We are located on the tectonically active region and along the typhoon belt. As a result of these, we have several volcanoes and earthquake generating faults and an average of at least 14 typhoons per year. These phenomena are constantly changing our landscapes which, on a lot of cases have devastating result to the populace. Although we may have knowledge about them, we oftentimes take them for granted thereby further contributing to our lack of preparedness.
    In the case of Iloilo City, the said flooding can be said to be expected given its location and topography. The city is situated in the estuary of Iloilo River. This kind of environment is generally affected by the change in tide. Most of the built-up areas are on reclaimed lands either naturally or man-made reclamation. For most part of the commercial and residential areas, the elevation is probably less than 10 meters above mean sea level. There are even areas that have elevations that are very close, if not similar, to the sea level. In areas that are affected by the tidal fluctuations, the flooding resulting from prolonged precipitation is further amplified.
    The very gentle to almost flat slope of the city and large area of the province, the river systems also has a very low gradient. Stream flow in these cases become relatively slower compared with areas with steep slopes. Streams with very low gradient generally tend to expand laterally rather than go deeper. They meander more thereby increasing the surface area that they occupy. The lateral spread of the river spell disaster to the people living along its banks. This is exacerbated by the constriction of the channels brought about by the encroachment of people by building commercial and residential buildings in the river banks. Some natural drainage systems are totally blocked by some developers by doing so, the inundation is moved upstream and in areas not normally flooded. Added to these is the irresponsible waste disposal to our water ways by some of the residents themselves.
    The urbanization does not only induce flooding by constricting the channels but also by decreasing the amount of water absorbed by the soil. In urban areas, large portion of the land are already covered by concrete. During precipitation, majority of the water just flow in the surface in the form of sheet flows. These are then channeled to the drainage canals and eventually to the rivers. As a result of these most of the rainwater end up in the river very fast thereby making the sometimes constricted rivers unable to handle the sudden increase in water volume. This is one of the reasons of flashfloods in some areas. This is of course not mentioning the people’s encroachment on our forests thereby increasing denudation of the needed forest cover that further decreases the capacity of the environment to hold water before slowly discharging it to the streams and rivers. We also have to think about the floods that occur periodically every 50 or 100 years. More often than not, the longer the cycle the more severe it is. So we may not have seen the worst yet.
    Although no strong earthquake has recently affected the city, it is still worth mentioning that this phenomenon should not be taken for granted. If I remember correctly, there are available data showing that a strong magnitude have hit the city within last century or so. We have to remember that 150 or even 200 years is a very short period in fact it is considered as “recent” in geologic times. These events are still highly possible to occur within our lifetime.
    The effects of an earthquake are varied for different places depending on the underlying material of the area and its distance from the earthquake generators. The closer you are the greater damage you expect. In terms of underlying materials, the general rule is the more unconsolidated the ground is and the shallower the water table the greater the effects. Available data would indicate that Iloilo City is underlain by very young, unconsolidated, organic-rich deposit and as it is located within an estuary environment, the water table is very shallow. In an event of a strong magnitude earthquake, the possibility of liquefaction which could lead to sizeable damage to the structures built on it.
    Other than the possible effects of an earthquake, another issue that can be attributed to sediments of this nature is differential settlement. You may already observe buildings or houses in your community that are tilting or some parts of it sinking creating cracks on the concrete walls and floors.
    What should we do?
    Since urbanization cannot be reversed and since a lot of areas in the country face similar situation, the number of people that maybe exposed to the possible hazards is enormous. It is sometimes difficult to escape from these hazards so a lot of us choose to live with them. It is therefore necessary that sensible long term solutions should be discussed and implemented to minimize the impact to the population. With the increasing knowledge and technology being applied to engineering, people have made it possible to stand against the onslaught of nature.
    With respect to flooding, some of the possible mitigating measures are purely engineering in nature such as flood control dikes, canals, etc. Advances in science and engineering have also made it possible to design structures that can endure high magnitude earthquakes. Highly industrialized countries have made engineering marvels with their skyscrapers that can “sway “with the tremor without disintegrating.
    However, some of these measures such as flood control have become temporary and have only given false hopes to the people. Although some of the designs were already proven to be very effective, they are sometimes too expensive to be implemented in some areas. This is the reason why some sectors believe that the most ideal solution is still comprehensive land use planning to identify zones of developments based on several factors one of which is the possible natural hazard. It is therefore up to the government officials, planners, business groups and the general public to choose which measure to implement based on the realities that are present in the community.
    But no matter what we choose, the possible will still be there. We can only minimize the impact. It is therefore necessary that the public made aware of the situation thru information campaign and discussions. We might even be better prepared if we conduct drills in case of an earthquake. We must be proactive and cultivate in ourselves the culture of preparedness. We must be observant to the things around us. The government and the private sector should also invest in safety and rescue equipments and trainings. This way they can respond to the situation quickly and serve more people than they usually can.
    We may be living in a dangerous place, but it is the only one we got.

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  8. Im sick and tired of hearing news about the basag kotse gang. dugay na na wala japon na resolve.

  9. How can DOE claim a 100% electrification of western visayas when barangay Maabay in Sibunag Guimaras is still in the dark? Is this claim part of a political campaign?

  10. Iloilo Guv hoping for compromise deal on health hazard pay

    The people of the province of Iloilo are still waiting for the answer from Governor Toto Arthur Defensor Sr. what really happened on November 1998 when there was a “mysterious” fire at the Provincial Capitol. No explanation from the Governor at that time Toto Arthur Sr your present, newly elected-promising-a-clean-government?

  11. Overpopulation: a problem awaiting solutions

    Years ago Thailand offered a carabao to a famer if he had himself a vasectomy. Problem is Filipino males perceive themselves as God’s gift to women and is not macho to be vasectomized. Can that perception change?

    The rule should be don’t procreate whom you can not feed and educate. Quality instead of quantity. Fair enough?

    When all else fails the law of the jungle will apply. There will be fights for the country’s lands resources. Right now CARP is pitting the landowners against the farmers.

    How many generations before that CARP hectare of rice land becomes of garden plot size after many generations of partition amongst a dozen of heirs of the original CARP awardee? Will CARP work? Given the present population demographics, it will not. Do not forget – THE LANDOWNERS HAVE RIGHTS ALSO.

    Will the Israeli cooperative models of Kibbutz and Moshavs be more applicable? It has been tried before in the Masagana system but did not last long. Every national government since Marcos tried to bring its brand of land reform and the farmer has seen it all.

    It all comes back to over population. Land is finite but the population is increasing exponentially annually. So there, Juan and Juana procreate only whom you can feed and educate.

  12. This is one for the books. Ruben Ecleo Jr, head of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association is now a congressman. He is accused of killing his wife in 2002 and later having his four in-laws massacred by his followers in Mandaue, Cebu.

    Ruben Ecleo was in jail, he got out, run for congress and won. Anything is possible in the Philippines. A blind man can get a driver’s license and a gun permit if he has money to pay the examiners. Nothing new. Life goes on, life is good in the Philippines for influential and rich people.

  13. Defensor Orders Removal of Kiosks Around Capitol

    Kalo-oy man inang mga tindiro. Sang eleksion pa lang maayo gid si Toto Arthur sa mga ta-o dira sa guwa sang kapitolyo. Apang sang nagda-og na siya pahalinon na niya and mga tawo. Ti, basi masunog na man ang kapitolyo, ano ka man.

    Sang Novembre 1998 nasunog man adtong da-an nga kapitolyo. Hasta subong wala mahibalo-an kung nga-a natabo yadto, ukon sin-o ang yatis nga nagsunog sang kapitolyo samtang gobernador pa si Toto Arthur. Anong say mo Atty Raul? Toto Richard dies dies laughing.

  14. Di-in na Ang Mga Ilongo

    Natingala guid ako nga-a wala diri sang madamo nga naga-post kay puerte man kadamo sang Ilongo sa bilog nga kalibutan. Bantog ang mga Ilongo nga palasugid kag damo kuarta. Siling sang isa ka Cebuano, “To sa amon sa Iloilo ang kuarta ginapiko kag ginapala, ti pahulama ku anay diha sang singkuenta pesos?” Hinuyapan siya sang Ilongo, mamay mo.

    Nga-a nga kabudlay guid magkuha sang “birth certificate” sa Iloilo City Civil Registrar? Grabe ang linya, halin sa aga hasta sa hapon, kung kaisa mabalik-balik ikaw sa isa ka semana. Ano ang ginahimo sang Iloilo City Civil Registrar nga maghapos magkuha sang :birth certificate” ang mag tao sang Iloilo? Anong say mo Iloilo City Registrar Mr. Romeo Manikan Jr?

  15. Sex Education leads to pornography

    I can not believe this comes from Rex Salvilla. You sir, think like a dinosaur. If you are taught how humans reproduce, you will look for sex videos, magazines, etc?

    This is of course assuming you are an adult and you are allowed to watch videos or movies for mature audiences. . If you become an adult without sex education then you grew up in a fairly backward neighborhood.

    If you see a male carabao mounting a female carabao that is sex education, right? Would that lead to pornography? Would you look for magazines featuring carabaos having sex? Or would you look for magazines featuring horses making little horses?

  16. Sex Education leads to pornography

    I can not believe this comes from Rex Salvilla. You sir, think like a dinosaur. If you are taught how humans reproduce, you will look for sex videos, magazines, etc?

    This is of course assuming you are an adult and you are allowed to watch videos or movies for mature audiences. . If you become an adult without sex education then you grew up in a fairly backward neighborhood.

    If you see a male carabao mounting a female carabao that is sex education, right? Would that lead to pornography? Would you look for magazines featuring carabaos having sex? Or would you look for magazines featuring horses making little horses?

  17. Iloilo province to form SWAT team

    Does this mean that no more mysterious fires will happen inside the Iloilo Provincial Capitol like the fire that happened on November 1998 when Governor Defensor was also the governor of the province of Iloilo, that was never solved ?

  18. Gov Arturo Defensor is so intent on his campaign to prove corruption during the tenure of past Iloilo Governor Niel Tupas, that he is not performing his duties as the present governor of Iloilo province. Panay News said he has documents in his possession to prove past Iloilo Governor Tupas. Anyone who has gone to Grade 6 will know that financial transactions in any government office is backed by paper documents from the appropriation to purchase stages. Provincial financial documents were burned in the 1997 Iloilo Provincial Capitol fire when Governor Defensor was in power. How convenient for Governor Arturo Defensor.


    Iloilo City, Nov. 10, 1997 – The Inquirer’s Visayas Bureau reporter Nereo Lujan writes that vital documents on disbursements of public funds were destroyed in a fire that broke out at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol last weekend.

    Lujan quotes fire investigators who believed that arsonists caused the blaze that hit the administrative and cash division offices of the Provincial Treasurer’s office at 2:45 a.m. even though the offices are 15 meters apart.

    Destroyed, along with office equipment, were vouchers, receipts, logbooks and other public records.

    Investigators found, in the cash division office, one plastic container with a half-liter of gasoline. Also seen scattered on the floor were pieces of tissue paper soaked with gasoline.

    Reported by: Sol Jose Vanzi

    The Iloilo Provincial Capitol is guarded 24/7 by the Iloilo Provincial Guards whose members where integrated into the new BJMP. No one enters the Capitol building after hours without the knowledge of the guards. It is common knowledge in Iloilo to lawyers and other law enforcement officers that there where many cases where murders were committed by detainees in the Iloilo Provincial Jail after being let out on temporary leave by the Iloilo Provincial guards. If there were Iloilo Provincial Jail detainee/s killed while trying to escape close to the date the Iloilo Provincial Jail was burned, it would be a fair guess that they were involved in the Capitol arson.

    Up to now no one was charged for this arson, and no financial irregularities were discovered during Governor’s Defensor’s tenure. Convenient, you betcha. Is Governor Defensor as white as snow and as honest as Saint Peter? You decide….

  19. This from Panay News 26 June 2011: NONOY ART’S LEGACY
    IN yesterday’s Reklamo Publiko program, Gov. Art Defensor Sr. made a frank and honest statement about his main mission in life as he serves the government.
    “Ang akon lang mapabugal (my only pride) nga in my one year as governor of Iloilo, I have dramatically stopped the evil practice of thievery in the capitol,” he told the listening and viewing public.
    “Kon mahimo pa lang, untaton ko ang bisan ano nga sahi sang kinawatay (If possible, I will stop all sorts of corruption),” he pointed out.
    We were told that former Gov. Nong NIel was listening to him yesterday.
    Say mo, Inday Tweety?
    Levi the Cutter “dies-dies” laughing!

    Gov Arturo Defensor can not even solve who set fire to the Iloilo Provincial Capitol last Nov 97 yet he says he will stop corruption in the new capitol. Good one guv. You almost have me believing you.

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